Gonfersol - Produtos Químicos, SA.

Founded in March 2007 and started in the north of the country dedicating primarily in the production, packaging and distribution of diluents, solvents, degreasers, caustic soda and paraffin for the following industries: graphics, leather, construction, automotive, furniture, etc. Gonfersol prides itself with the know-how of a young dynamic sales team.

In 2008, in search of new markets, Gonfersol S.A. began exportation. Demonstrating a steady growth in the domestic and international markets reflected the need to expand productivity capacity. In 2009, a project was started which consisted in the building of a production unit with new industrial technologies, a laboratory and a warehouse.

In 2010, Gonfersol S.A. was awarded with PME Lider. In October 2013 an inauguration was made to a new fully automated production unit, strategically located in the centre of the country (Vila Nova da Barquinha) permitting to grow in a sustainable manner all awhile obtaining more warehouse storage, production and quality customer service.